Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday Doings

Made a pop up thread catcher-the pattern was written horrible (in my humble opinion). I finally figured it out, tho!


Continuing on with my pineapple blocks, too!

Also, started a new quilt for one of my very favorite person! Here's a sneak peak:



True that!





Sunday, January 31, 2016


My 2016 word of the year! Off to a good start! I finished my Christmas Scrap Quilt (delayed a little as I ran out of background fabric and had to search for it!)

It is quite large, so no borders needed!

Next up, I cut into my favorite fabric bundle! I have been SAVING it for no other reason except to look and touch it, but I finally put rotary cutter to fabric and....viola....







This will be an alternate quilt for our bed, but it doesn't have borders yet! I am thinking thin black border, and a wide peacock border!

Last, but not least, I was involved in a "Scrap Swap"! This is what I Received from my swap partner yesterday:

Yummy fabrics that I see using in a few quilts in progress: my "Anniversary Quilt" to add to my pineapple blocks: nearly half the blocks are finished, so I can add these scraps to the squares about to be made!



Thursday, January 28, 2016

Susan's Rag Quilt

Susan had the hardest part of the rag quilt: snipping into the seam allowance to "rag"it! It turned out so nice, and her granddaughter's love it!




I made this cosmetic bag for Theresa yesterday:


Turned out super cute!

Two hoodlums look guilty about something!


Saturday, January 23, 2016

ROAD, round #2

After looking at my blog post from yesterday, I thought I was missing some material...turns out I missed a whole bag from yesterday!

This is the second bag:

FQ packs and patterns and the dies Theresa and I share!


ROAD 2016.....so much fun!

Put these four girls together and shop, talk and share quilting ideas.......priceless!

We did major $$$$$ damage.....and collected so much "quilty stuff".

This is my bounty:

Off now to cut into a new stash of fat quarters!



Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Really Fun Day (for me)

I convinced (harassed, strong-armed, persuaded, wore down) my bff and got her to come over to " make a quilt"! And although the sewing was mostly done by myself, it was so awesome to have a companion to shoot the breeze with! I enjoyed myself immensely and the quilt was made in one day due to her help with cutting, pinning, counting and making the "masterpiece" pattern!

It is totally up to her to do all the "ragging" of the edges! I dropped it off tonight!



Also, this week, I completed a Valentine's Day quilt for our home (made from fabric bought last year at "ROAD":

Made with "Enigma" pattern - one of my favorite "go to" patterns when I have a bunch fat quarters to use!

I am SO excited to go to "ROAD" tomorrow! It will be a little different for us! Usually Theresa and I go solo, but this year we have also included Sandy and Cathy! Should make for a very stuffed car on the way home!

Hope I can sleep---it's like the night before school starts!

Wink, wink!!